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Manicure in Bangkok – what do you mean when you say manicure?

Getting a manicure in Bangkok is very popular and the trend keeps on growing. A manicure literally means “care for hands.” Most people know that, but the word manicure can take on a slightly different meaning. Over the years, we learned that different people get a manicure for different reasons.
As you might expect, we can talk about manicures all day long (and probably all night.) After all, they don’t call us manicurists for nothing…
We asked some of our clients and friends to tell us in their own words:
What does a manicure mean to you?
What comes to mind when you think about getting a manicure?
In this article we want to share some of the answers we received.
“I love the clean feeling I get after a good manicure.”

—Ann, 26, Phloen Chit, Bangkok

“The color I choose represents the mood I’m in.”

—Ananta, 29, Phra Khanong, Bangkok

“It’s a form of therapy. After a good manicure (and pedicure) I feel transformed; I look better, I feel better and my confidence level is back to where it should be. I believe that lots of women and men out there feel this way.”

—Sara, 26, Australia

“At first, it was my wife who insisted that I should get a manicure. Now I love getting a good manicure. It is relaxing and my hands look much better after a manicure.”

—Ben, 38, Silom, Bangkok

“For me, a manicure is all about the color.”

—Suchitra, 22, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

“3 words: younger looking hands.”

—Mam, 53, Rangsit, Pathum Thani

“I train and I teach all day, my hands are my weapons and I have to make sure that they always look their best. I can’t be walking around with chipped nail polish or dry hands, you know?”

—Patty, 31, Thonglor, Bangkok

“A good manicurist is a good listener and it is cheaper than a counselling session. Plus, I get to have good looking hands for the next 2 weeks..”

—Jeniffer, 46, Chidlom, Bangkok

“Manicures are important for many reasons but personal hygiene must be one of the top reasons. Let me tell you a story. I recently went on a date with this guy and as we were sitting at the restaurant, I noticed that his hands looked rough and he had dirt under his finger nails, that told me that the guy has bad hygiene. I said I was going to the bathroom and I never returned to the table. Don’t get me wrong, I do not need my man to have perfectly shaped nails or anything like that, but personal hygiene is pretty elementary and he should know how to take care of himself.”

—Kimberly, 27, Ekkamai, Bangkok

“I am a hairdresser and people come to me when they need to feel fresh again or when they feel like a change in their life. When I need to feel fresh again, I go to see my favorite nail designer. My nail extensions are an important part of my look, and together with my hair style and outfit they demonstrate to my clients how they can look great every day too.”

—Stephanie, 33, Germany

“My husband and I like to get our mani-pedis together. It is relaxing and it gives us a chance to sit and talk to each other like we used to. Always a good reminder of how much we enjoy each other’s company.”

—Wanita, 38, Ari, Bangkok

“I am a doctor so my color is almost transparent but I must keep my hands soft and well manicured. No one likes a doctor with rough hands.”

—Patareeya, 51, Lat Phrao, Bangkok

“I always choose red for my nails. My red manicure is my style. My trademark, if you will.”

—Jennifer, 47, Thonglor, Bangkok

“I am a doctor so my color is almost transparent but I must keep my hands soft and well manicured. No one likes a doctor with rough hands.”

—Patareeya, 51, Lat Phrao, Bangkok

“I’m terrible at cutting my own nails and I always end up pulling on bits of nails and loose skin until it hurts. Leave it to the professionals, I say.”

—Sebastian, Silom, Bangkok

“As long as my manicure looks beautiful and I can still fit into my favorite dress I am happy.”

—Kat, 39, Phrom Phong, Bangkok

“Quality time with my daughter. I let her choose the color for both of us.”

—Ruth, 34, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

“Black gel polish goes so well with the tattoos on my hands.”

—Tracy, 25, USA

“My nail color has to match the color of the cocktail I am holding.”

—Kitty, 22, Singapore

“That little bit of massage you get in a good manicure, I love it!”

—Maria, 45, Asok, Bangkok

“My husband likes it when my nails are sharp. I have to tell the nail technicians not to round the corners of my nails. The things we do for love…”

—Carolina, 36, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

“When we decided to move to Bangkok and look for an apartment, the first thing I looked for was a good nail salon. That is how important a good manicure is to me.”

—Sharon, 44, Hong Kong

“I am nail biter so I am very conscious about how my nails look. When my nails are beautifully shaped and painted I feel bad about biting them.”

—Delphine, 28, France

“Because of my work, I can’t wear too much color on my nails so I always go for nude colors or a French Manicure but I always make sure that my hands look perfectly manicured.”

—Bee, 41, Rama 9, Bangkok

On several occasions these questions started a lively and educating discussion between strangers which everyone present in our nail salon at the time enjoyed very much and new friendships were formed. We can all agree that manicures are very important, to both men and women.
We learned a lot from this discussion and we are always happy to hear from you. If you would like to share and join the discussion, please send us a message.