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Pedicure For Men In Bangkok And Why Men Need Pedicures

In Bangkok, even men tend to pamper themselves a little more so how about a pedicure? You probably heard about celebrities and famous sports figures getting manicures and pedicures regularly and having a professional foot care regimen, that is because pedicures are good for you, no matter how active your lifestyle is. Feet are an often neglected part of our body and pedicures are actually a great way to keep your feet healthy and happy. Some guys might feel a little awkward about getting a pedicure at first, but there is really no reason for that; a professional pedicure is as much medical as it is cosmetic and many doctors, podiatrists and fitness trainers highly recommend regular visits to the nail salon.
What is a pedicure? The word pedicure comes from the Latin words “ped” for “foot” and “cura” for “care,” which together mean “foot care.” To be clear, pedicures are not just for women and not all pedicures end with nail lacquer and painted toenails. Pedicures are for anyone who cares about health and personal hygiene. Having well-maintained hands and feet with neatly groomed nails looks just great and not to mention, feels awesome. People around you, both men and women, whether they say anything or not, will most-likely notice and appreciate your efforts to take better care of yourself.
As you will see below, there is a lot more to pedicures than just making your feet look more aesthetically pleasing. Let us take a closer look at some of the main benefits a salon pedicure can offer.
Nail care professionals are trained to detect early signs of various foot health conditions and infections. Such conditions are easier to treat when identified in the early stages.
Proper clipping and cutting of the toe nails prevents them from growing inward and causing ingrown nails, hangnails and infections. The skin around your nails is called cuticles and they are there to protect your nails as they grow. Cuticle maintenance keeps your cuticles from building up and tearing and your nails strong. During a pedicure your cuticles and your nails receive the nourishing and conditioning they need to grow healthy and tear-free.
Warm foot bath soak cleanses your feet with soothing minerals and salts. Scrub gently exfoliates your skin, removing dead skin cells and flushing out toxins. The elimination of dead skin, dirt and bacteria from your feet helps prevent nail and skin disorders, fungal infections and foot odors.
Calluses can be uncomfortable and often downright painful. When calluses become too thick they begin to crack and break. Scraping the hard skin off your feet and smoothing all the callus-prone areas on the heels, sides and soles restores softness to your feet and encourages healthier, softer skin growth. Your feet will look more attractive and feel smoother and softer. A feeling you will appreciate over and over again with every step you take. This process does not hurt but it might tickle. Getting pedicures regularly helps cut down on calluses build up altogether.
After your feet have been cleaned, exfoliated and the dead skin is removed, your feet and calves get treated to a short massage. This may be the most enjoyable part of the salon pedicure. Massaging increases blood circulation and relieves tension from your legs and feet while hydrating, restoring moisture and replenishing your skin with much needed nourishment.
Sometimes called “sports pedicure” or “executive pedicure” or even just “foot treatment,” a pedicure for men is all about health and wellness. A good pedicure can be very relaxing; it can help relieve stress and can be restorative and therapeutic. More and more guys are discovering the importance of taking good care of their feet and nail salons and nail spas around the world have been reporting increasingly large numbers of men coming in for manicures and pedicures. Bangkok is no different in that respect and we have been seeing significant growth in the number of men visiting our nail salon for professional nail care and hand and foot grooming. From day one, it was important for us to create an environment that is welcoming to both men and women and our services menu features manicure and pedicure treatments that were tailored specifically for men.
A note for runners and athletes: we understand that some runners may want to keep some of their protective calluses and we can certainly scrub these calluses only lightly, not removing them completely during the pedicure treatment. Runners and anyone big on fitness and legwork sometimes lose their toenails completely in which cases we can offer Nail Repair or Nail Restoration.